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Many qualities have made Daniel Kaylor standout as a developer of Georgia real estate. You will find that the Bear Mountain Ridge community with the Kaylor’s property management company shows exactly why they exhibit superior development expertise. Therefore, if you purchase one of these cabins for investment and rental and hire the Kaylors to manage your property, you can then focus on your other interests, work, or business ventures knowing that your real estate is safe. An utmost attention to detail is the hallmark of every Bear Mountain Ridge project. From whichever design specifications of cabin, Bear Mountain Ridge exudes a carefully planned and executed example of how it should be done. From the interior, the amenities, the landscaping and architectural features that complement the working environment, Bear Mountain Ridge is the premier development community in north Georgia, so make plans to visit soon. 

There is only one thing that the Kaylors have built more impressive than Bear Mountain Ridge and that is their list of satisfied clients. In addition, they work to improve their community. As a successful real estate developer in Georgia, is it always important to balance what is popular with what is best for the entire community as a whole.

Have you been thinking of purchasing an investment property in Georgia but not sure which counties, area, and cities are over saturated and which are prime spots just waiting for real estate investors and developers? Consider Bear Mountain Ridge. Also, contact us and we will be glad to share information about or give free investment advice regarding the entire north Georgia real estate market, best locations, property types, what is selling and in the most demand, and any other information you may desire. 

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